Specialist Cleaning Services Fleet

Oven Cleaning Services Fleet

Do you have a commercial business in Fleet that makes regular use of ovens?  Do you want to reduce the signs wear and tear that continuous regular traffic over your businesses carpets and rugs creates?  Do you have a regular cleaning schedule at your home in Fleet, but find it difficult completing the more labour intensive and time-consuming tasks, such as dealing with the oven, or washing down the upholstery and carpets?  Whether you require commercial or residential carpet cleaning, Fleet can call upon Max Services.

Max services can be called out for a one-off clean if you require some special attention on your premises, either before or after a special event, or perhaps after a refurbishment.  We provide both upholstery cleaning Fleet customers can rely on and oven cleaning services.  Fleet locals and businesses that would like to organise a regular schedule with us, will find that our expert cleaners are both professional and reliable.  We have all of the needed expert equipment and materials to provide a much more superior clean than any shop bought products, or that vacuuming alone, can achieve.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Fleet

By organising commercial carpet cleaning, Fleet companies can keep their offices, restaurants, hotels, etc in excellent condition, providing a good impression of your services to customers for many years to come.  Especially in busy areas, such as walkways to your customer bathrooms, along hotel corridors and foyers, when hiring specialist cleaning services Fleet business owners will find it makes a huge difference not only to the appearance of your furnishing and décor, but to the life span of you carpets, rugs and upholstery.

If you work busy hours, have a home to maintain, and perhaps a family of your own, it can be difficult finding time to carry out the more involved and messy tasks.  No matter how hard we try to reduce the build-up in our ovens, from cooking juices that spill and spatter onto the walls, to breadcrumbs and bits of chips and other foods that fall to the oven base, it can be difficult keeping our ovens in a clean state.  These jobs also tend to use solutions and materials that can, at times appear daunting.  These factors can make this job just feel too much for the home-owner to complete.  With our professional services, you no longer have to worry.  Whether you would like us to clean your oven once or twice a year, or before or after a party or event you are holding, we can organise a time that will suit you best. 

Our friendly team work hard to the care for you home, and business premises.  We also know that keeping things clean isn’t just about how a place looks to visitors to your home or company, but it is vital to the health and well-being of everyone. 

Whether you require oven cleaning, or specialist carpet cleaning for Fleet domestic and commercial premises, or our rug cleaning service, Fleet based customers can come to us.  Contact us today to book your visit.