Professional Specialist Cleaning Services in Camberley

Keeping any place clean can be a tedious task for some. Here at Max Services, we are passionate about helping to maintain a tidy professional space or home. From our base in Wokingham, we offer expert maintenance services to residential and commercial clients. When you are looking for professional specialist cleaning services in Camberley for a variety of circumstances, whether it be for events or weekly domestic chores. Our team of professionals are here to help get the job done to the highest of standards.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Camberley

Over time, and with constant footfall, carpets can become dirty, and it can be difficult to remove dirt and dust with the average vacuum cleaner. Even if you are someone that regularly cleans your home carpets, you may want a more professional-grade deep cleanse. Our specialist carpet cleaning Camberley team can cater to residential and commercial flooring. We can remove a variety of stains and restore most carpets to their former state. We use heavy-duty steamers and other nontoxic products, combined with tried and tested professional methods, so you know you are in safe hands with us.

We can deliver professional oven cleaning for Camberley customers, we are available to get any oven looking bright and sparkling again. It doesn’t take a lot of usage for grease to build up and attending to the regular maintenance of an oven may not be something you have time for. In professional kitchens, it is a necessity to ensure the ovens are working effectively too. Our oven cleaning services for Camberley customers can attend to a wide variety of needs for residential and commercial ovens. We will carefully assess what is required, cleansing the various parts of the oven in the most effective way.

Sometimes the thought of washing upholstery only presents itself when an accident happens. Maybe you spilt something on the sofa or dropped a plate of food which splashed across the walls and curtains. Whatever the reason, maintaining upholstery can be a second thought. Also, in public spaces, the upholstery of any furniture can quickly become dirty or stained, along with rugs too. We provide upholstery cleaning for Camberley and rug cleaning service for Camberley customers and clients. Different fabrics and materials can require specialist forms of cleansing treatments. We always apply the correct techniques that will remove the stains and in the long run help maintain the longevity of the upholstery fabrics and rug fibres.

Professional Specialist Cleaning Services Camberley

The requirements of a residential and commercial client can be similar, yet also vastly different. We understand these requirements and can plan the most effective service. For residential carpet cleaning Camberley, we can attend to large and small properties, work on the entire property, or a single room of your choosing. Our commercial carpet cleaning Camberley teams can clean hotels, schools, offices, and shops ensuring any commercial space always remain in order.

 To find out more about what we can do for you or to organise a regular service with us. Please contact our friendly team today. We will be glad to answer any queries or put together a bespoke plan for all customers and clients.