Professional Specialist Cleaning Services Windsor

Here at Max Services, we provide a range of professional specialist cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers in Windsor from our base in Wokingham. Our services include upholstery and rug cleaning, as well as carpet and oven cleaning services. You can rely on us to resolve the tough cleaning jobs in your home or business.

Oven Cleaning Windsor

Ovens can become coated in grime and stains from grease and spills, so it can be a tough job trying to get your cooker gleaming again. At Max Services, we have the best oven cleaners to deliver professional cooker and oven cleaning that will prolong the life of your appliance. Our cooker cleaners never use chemicals or harsh, choking smells. When you book our specialist oven cleaning services, we guarantee a quick and easy solution. Our professional oven cleaning involves cleansing hard to reach parts and reassembly after every component is sparkling.

Carpets easily accumulate dirt, dust, and debris, and removing embedded grime is challenging. Our specialist carpet cleaning services offer a professional, deep clean that domestic vacuums cannot achieve. We deliver residential and commercial carpet cleaning services using the best tools and products to restore your carpet and extend its lifespan.

Rug Cleaning Service Windsor

We often overlook furniture and rugs when cleaning our homes, leading to built-up dirt and poor air quality. Our rug and upholstery cleaning services include removing tough stains with hot water extraction. We can professionally clean your rugs and upholstery to restore the appearance and comfort of your furniture, improve air quality, and remove unhealthy bacteria.

For more information about our specialist cleaning and other services in Windsor, get in touch by completing our online form or emailing You can speak to a member of our team directly by calling 0118 978 2529. Read our glowing customer testimonials and book our cleaning service today.