Upholstery Cleaning In Ascot

Specialist Cleaning Services Ascot

Like everywhere, in every home in Ascot, there are annual jobs that must be done in order to keep everything at its best.  Ascot’s association with the races and the fact it is the 13th most expensive town to live in England, it is even more important for residents in this area to keep up appearances when it comes to the home. Here at Max Services, we are pleased to provide you with a range of services to do this.

Over time, carpets and furnishings in our homes can build up dirt and wear from daily life, so it is vital to maintain them in order to keep them cosy and inviting, not only for any guests that may visit, but also for your own enjoyment and peace of mind. Areas that are behind the scenes such as our ovens are also frequently used, and dirt and grime can build up quickly. Drips, overflows and spillages are a normal part of the cooking processes and surface-level cleaning is not enough to keep them looking as good as new, so a deep clean is needed periodically.

As we know that homeowners and businesses in Ascot have everyday jobs to do, we understand that keeping things clean can be an unwanted task that is skimmed over or falls to the wayside. To keep things in order and maintain a clean environment, we provide those in Ascot with specialist oven cleaning and an upholstery, carpet and rug cleaning service. Ascot customers can book our services as a one-off or as a regular service, supporting you to keep you home or business looking its best.

Oven Cleaning Services Ascot

We provide Ascot homeowners with a top-rated oven cleaning service.  Our team is able to handle everything, including the correct cleaning products, and tidying and cleaning up after our team has completed the task of a deep clean in your oven.  If you are hosting a party or a similar event, which may require extensive use of your oven and cooker, it would be ideal to book us in advance to come and provide our expert oven and cooker cleaning in your Ascot based home once the festivities have ceased.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Ascot

Whether due to clumsiness or carefree children, spillages and daily wear and tear is inevitable, especially on lighter, ornate, carpets.  With Max Services specialist carpet cleaning, Ascot residents can enjoy the restoration of carpets and other home furnishings or upholstery.  We can take fast action on a fresh spillage, or we can provide an annual deep clean to get things looking as good as new.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Ascot

Also catering to commercial clients, there are sure to be high traffic areas that require attention. Whether you own a restaurant that has a constant flow of customers and waiting staff, or a busy office where the movement of people and chairs can wear down carpets, we can assist your Ascot business with our cleaning services. We are able to get your carpets looking much cleaner, and maintaining them for many years to come.

If you need any of our specialist cleaning services, Ascot residents and businesses can get in touch with us and we will be glad to see how we can help you by answering any queries or booking an appointment for your oven, carpet, upholstery or rug cleaning today.