Professional Specialist Cleaning Services Reading

Welcome to Max Services. We provide an extensive range of professional specialist cleaning services to homes and businesses from our base in Wokingham. As part of the areas we cover, we offer our services to those living and working in Reading. Residential and commercial clients in Reading can rely on us to restore their upholstery, rugs, and ovens to look as good as new.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Reading

Carpets quickly become embedded with grime, dirt, dust, and debris that regular vacuums cannot remove. With our residential carpet cleaning in Reading, we will transform your floors and restore their condition to look pristine and freshly fitted. We have specialist tools and products at our disposal to restore your carpet and extend its lifespan, saving you money in the long run. We can maintain hallways, bedrooms, lounges, and more, so do not hesitate to reach out and book our team today.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Reading

We extend our carpet cleaning to Reading businesses and commercial enterprises to keep their premises proficient and spotless. As a business owner, you must maintain a professional appearance and ensure your walkways do not become shabby. The last thing you want is to tarnish your reputation with unkempt flooring, so call our team to keep your halls sleek and presentable. Whether you welcome customers into your shop or personnel into an office meeting room, you can rely on our machinery and products to keep your building neat and welcoming.

Upholstery Cleaning Reading

When cleaning your home or office, you may overlook the furniture. Unkempt upholstery will contain a build-up of dirt and dust, causing poor air quality. With hot water extraction techniques, we remove tough stains and restore the appearance and comfort of your furniture. By requesting our professional solutions, you will eliminate unhealthy bacteria and improve the air quality in your home or business. We work with all kinds of furnishings, including rugs. With our transformative solutions, it will feel as if you have redecorated your home and revitalised your living space.

Oven Cleaning Services Reading

With regular use of your oven, grime quickly accumulates and builds up to an arduous job. With our professional oven and appliance cleaning services, we can reduce the difficulty of keeping your cooking facilities immaculate and ready for use. Whether you want routine maintenance following day-to-day use, or if you want your kitchen sparkling for a special event, we will scrub your oven until it is as good as new. We never use chemicals or harsh smells, so you can rest assured that your oven will be perfectly safe for use following our service.

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