Professional Specialist Cleaning Services in Henley

Reliable Cleaning Services in Henley

Max Services provide reliable services such as carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning, and professional oven cleaning services, Henley based customers can call upon.  You will find our team will provide a service with a standard of excellence from beginning to end.  For example, not only do our team know all of the tricks of the trade to ensure superior cleaning, they are also provided with our own products that are proven to work without leaving marks or damaging furnishings.  Simply contact us today and we will get you booked in.

Our professional specialist cleaning services Henley locals can book, is ideal for those special occasions when you have a large number of guests come to visit, and you want to freshen up your home and get your oven cleaned before or after such an event.  We can also provide annual services that helps keep your furnishings looking their best for longer.

Oven Cleaning Services in Henley

We also know how difficult it can be for families to get time in their homes for the bigger and messier jobs, such as oven cleaning.  Henley residents need not worry, as our cleaners will get to work on your oven, bringing and taking away all of their own materials and products, not leaving any other mess around your kitchens once the job is done.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services in Henley

We can also help with residential carpet cleaning Henley customers may require, when moving out of, or into, a new property.  Landlords can also make use of this service between any tenants occupancy, to make it tidy and welcoming for the new people taking up residence in their property.

Upholstery Cleaning in Henley

With our upholstery cleaning Henley residents and commercial premises can have their sofas, soft back and seated dining chairs, softly furnished beds and curtains cleaned thoroughly, giving a lift to even the older furnishings in your premises. 

Commercial Cleaning in Henley

Commercial premises that have carpeted walkways or rugs can contact us for specialist carpet cleaning Henley business owners can trust.  For example, if you own a restaurant, certain areas of your carpets can become worn more easily, due to the foot traffic of customers and waiting staff.  This can start to make these areas look different to the other parts of your flooring that is not walked on so often.  With our services your carpets will receive a thorough deep clean, keeping them at their best for longer.  For entrances you may need a more regular cleaning program for your rugs or door mats and we can arrange regular rug cleaning, Henley companies need, to keep their entrance ways inviting, without a build up of wet or mud from customers wiping their feet.

All of our staff take safety and hygiene very seriously, and we can assure you that every care will be taken in your home or work premises, to provide you with a healthy environment, from the moment we arrive to when we have completed our job.  We have plenty of reviews that are a clear record of the high standard of service you can expect to get from us.

To book, or for more information, contact us today.