Specialist Cleaning Services in Bracknell

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services in Bracknell

You can get your housing or business residence looking spick-and-span with our specialist cleaning services in Bracknell. At Max Services, we provide a range of professional specialist cleaning packages to residential and commercial customers in Bracknell from our base in Wokingham. We offer a range of services for all forms of upholstery and rugs, as well as carpets. We also offer professional oven maintenance. You can rely on our team to provide a thorough restoration job in your home or business at an affordable price.

Our help is available for any occasion if you require one-off or regular domestic housework. Or own a business that needs regular clearing up and maintenance. If you need a premise to be cleaned before an event or the ovens attended to in a professional kitchen. You can call on us to organise our expert certified cleaners to transform the environment. We have high-tech equipment and materials to provide a superior cleansing that cannot be achieved with the use of shop-bought products, or a domestic vacuum.

Professional Oven Cleaning Services in Bracknell

For oven cleaning Services in Bracknell, contact our team, whether you need just one oven or a large professional oven cleaning, no job is too difficult. Over time ovens can accumulate grime and grease, which can become stubborn to remove. The accumulation can produce a smell of stale oil or burnt food whenever the oven is used, which can be unpleasant and linger for a while. It is also important to maintain cleanliness to ensure a cooker is working at its best, particularly in professional kitchens. Our team can remove all tough residue without the use of harsh chemicals, so your cooker is ready-to-use straight after.

Commerical Carpet Cleaning in Bracknell

Carpets and rugs can quickly become embedded with dust, dirt, and debris that can be difficult to remove with an everyday vacuum. Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning team based in Bracknell always use specialist tools and non-toxic products to restore your carpets, helping them to last longer, and saving money in the long run. Our team can work throughout your property or commercial space, and we have no problem attending to hallways, bedrooms, lounges, offices, shops, and more. If you have allergies, unclean carpets can worsen the symptoms and leave you in a state of constant suffering. Good, regular cleansing could be all that is needed to feel the relief. Our services will reduce dust mites and anything else that contributes to allergies.

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Bracknell

The upkeep of upholstery will improve poor air quality, avoid the infestation of moths, and reduce the build of mites that aggravate allergies. We can also remove tough stains, restoring the appearance of all furniture. Our upholstery cleaning services provided in Bracknell will avoid harsh techniques to clean all forms of upholstery, we trained our team to identify a variety of fabrics and materials, so they know the exact techniques to apply to provide a truly bespoke restoration.

So, for professional specialist cleaning services, Bracknell locals can depend on us. Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly team members to book a visit.